Infantry Paint Countdown A.K.A..... I.P.C.....170!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The final Mordian infantry and support equipment count

OK whew a few weeks of collecting soaking in simple green and scrub scrub scrubbing! Let me just say that I hate the smell of simple green and so does my wife. I'm sure she is glad I am done with it. This is a larger undertaking than I thought or had planned out, but, as this is my only GW at the moment I guess that helps. Here is the list of what I have:

6 converted upper command pieces
18 special weapons
9 sgts
57 las rifle infantry
3 commissars
10 ratlings
19 heavy weapons teams ( 59 infantry as I'm counting the guns + a few more to go with the two thudd guns I have)
junior officers 3

So 170 total including some rough riders incoming from curious constructs heads from Victoria Lamb. 

Also on the list:

1 Valkyrie
3 leman russ tanks
1 hell hound flame thrower
2 thudd guns
1 Old school armorcaste baneblade!
1 chimera
1 aegis def line with quad gun.

Plans for the future.....

Well I want allot of cav and if the Rough Riders turn out well Ill make more of them. I plan on going with the cannon wheels on the las cannons to make them look like artillery and less like a man portable gun.

Looks like I may grab some gors and convert me up some beast men conscripts as well for that rouge trader feel!

Sorry for the garbage pic I was in a hurry! See you nest time!


  1. That is an impressive group. Looks to be around 9 squads with support and a good group of armour.

    And an armorcaste baneblade! Nice!

    I’m surprised that you are not planning to use Victoria’s beast men. Any reason why?

    My hobby time has ground to a halt at them moment but I am certainly enjoying this project grow. If it’s cool, I’ll post a sort highlight of your blog on mine. I'm sure I know a few retro guard players that would enjoy seeing this as much as me.

    1. Thanks for the reply! It bring me to a point that I must admit too not completing projects. I want to finish this this one. I need to. My wife is dubious about me completing it. I guess I need to change my history. I think that since I have a fully painted and converted army that will give me lots of satisfaction. I understand the not having hobby time. I'm a family man and that keeps me busy busy. Anyways. Thanks for replying!

  2. Nice project log. I've been doing something similar with a civil war theme'd guard list.

    I TOO have an old school armorcast baneblade! I've been wondering what to do with it for ages. I feel like it could use updating but don't know where to start, and don't know if I should, or if I should preserve it's fugly glory.

  3. Very cool! Preserve its fugly glory!