Infantry Paint Countdown A.K.A..... I.P.C.....170!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kings of War Week on Beast if War.....


Thought i'd post this 1. because I would like to win an army! 2. I really do enjoy this game. I have played it about 6 times now and every time its been a blast! 1/4 of the time of WHFB. Seriously this game rocks plus you can use whatever minis you have.Here are some links to a demo game!

Did I mention the figures are affordable?! Have a check out of the videos and let me know what you think!

Here is a look at my Goblins!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The final Mordian infantry and support equipment count

OK whew a few weeks of collecting soaking in simple green and scrub scrub scrubbing! Let me just say that I hate the smell of simple green and so does my wife. I'm sure she is glad I am done with it. This is a larger undertaking than I thought or had planned out, but, as this is my only GW at the moment I guess that helps. Here is the list of what I have:

6 converted upper command pieces
18 special weapons
9 sgts
57 las rifle infantry
3 commissars
10 ratlings
19 heavy weapons teams ( 59 infantry as I'm counting the guns + a few more to go with the two thudd guns I have)
junior officers 3

So 170 total including some rough riders incoming from curious constructs heads from Victoria Lamb. 

Also on the list:

1 Valkyrie
3 leman russ tanks
1 hell hound flame thrower
2 thudd guns
1 Old school armorcaste baneblade!
1 chimera
1 aegis def line with quad gun.

Plans for the future.....

Well I want allot of cav and if the Rough Riders turn out well Ill make more of them. I plan on going with the cannon wheels on the las cannons to make them look like artillery and less like a man portable gun.

Looks like I may grab some gors and convert me up some beast men conscripts as well for that rouge trader feel!

Sorry for the garbage pic I was in a hurry! See you nest time!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Some progress on my Mordians....

Ok, so a bit of a busy week work wise but I got 95% of my E-bay purchases in hand. Including a pretty decent sized army for a really good price! I have had the miniatures in simple green for over 24hr and I will do more scrubbing. I hate the smell of this stuff its nauseating. Anyhow I have over a hundred figs. I am also stripping a Leman Russ Annihilator which is mostly made of plastic and that will have to be soaked for a long time.

I have also been working on my command section. Creed has been chopped and GS's on the shoulder boards. I need a dwarf pipe from the fantasy line to put in his right hand instead of the cigar.

Here is my medic the floating skull is carrying blood plasma it'll have a tube running to the little gadget the guard is holding.
The next one was a simple conversion. Master vox.

This next one I'm really proud of. It is an old RT IG and I put new arms he will getting shoulder boards as well. and Ill do up some free hand and transfers on the army standard!

                                      "C'MON YOU APES WANT TOO LIVE FOREVER!"

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mordian Iron Guard Gun Team Dilema.....

So im looking into converting my IG heavy weapons. I have some decisions to make as to weather I want to keep them as is and on the large round bases. OR should I use these style of gun carriage types. If you follow the blog let me know what you thin.

 These gun wheels are form Forge Planet. These would require me to separate the upper half of my heavy bolter teams and possibly glue them to these legs:

Which im happy to do but I am on a budget.

The other way I was thinking was this,

This one would be good for las cannons as they are the only heavy with bipod stabilizers.

Then there is the good old standard.....

So there you have it.  Im not sure how I want to do things. Help!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Where has the fun gone in 40k and some Mordians!

So I went a good two weeks solid before my Tau orca goal hit bottom. LOL oh well time to pick myself up anew. Any how I don't think I like the Tau very much. I keep getting drawn to the guard but Cadians just aren't my thing either. So...I got bored one night and took out six metal IG Mordian Iron Guard and started painting them just for fun. With some Iced Earth playing in the back ground I started to feel the nostalgia of 40k days gone by. How much fun it was to play with my best friends in a garage with pizza boxes and Mnt Dew everywhere. I reminisced of the days when my polymorphined assassin on combat drugs took out my friends far seer with a vortex grenade! Or when my sniper assassin took out Mephiston across the board after turn 2 winning me the game on secret objectives! Yes I loved assassins!

The tournament scene has killed 40k for me. This is no strike at those that like tourneys, that is all i played for most of my 40k career. I feel that between the constant list chattering and GW's price increases, ect, ect, that fun has been sucked out of the game for me and allot of others.

Where has all the fun gone? I think the only fun these days is the one off fun games I play with good friends of a like minded nature that are the best. Being married with children is busy so naturally I find those guys to play with as they aren't in it to win it in most cases. So I have sold off my Tau, and green skins and am starting fresh. Warhammer fantasy is pretty much dead to me ( i wont go on about that one) and for the first time in a long time I have only one 40k army. A rag tag group of minis from yesteryear assembled into a fun fighting force. I really need to complete a project I think with all the stuff I do I get to a point were things become "new shiny" and I must have. So I have made a promise to wife that I will only collect for my Iron guard for 40k. And not move onto anything else until I am satisfied with them being a completed army.

So here is what I have and more is coming in the mail!

The final run down:

10 Ratling snipers (future Sharps rifles!)
x2 Uksar Creed)
x5 various commisars
x1 leman russ exterminator
57 las rifle guard
8 sergents
2 flamers
6 melta guns
11 grenade launchers!
4 las cannon teams
7 mortar teams
5 heavy bolter teams
2 missle launcher teams
1 auto cannon team
1 chimera
1 Valkerie
3 officers

Whew I have my work cut out for me.


Friday, August 9, 2013

OK folks its time I posted its been along time. So much has happened since my last entry but i'm back. I have sold off every army and have purchased Tau! OMG NOOOO! I am motivated to finish them up and I have a scheme that I love doing and I'm very excited about this project. Also I am motivated to get fit! So I'm tying the two of them together! Here's what I'm doing:

Tau Orca Challenge!   And  Workout Goals

I like to paint and model. I am fat and need to loose 30-40 pounds. So the idea here is that I earn modeling time by exercising. I earn x amount of time for workouts and activity that gets me moving. For example I get 20 minutes of paint time if I workout for 20mins. I get deducted time for soda pops and other sugary stuff. The goals and or limits are stated in the columns.

Time that adds:
X time for workouts. For every minute I work out I get X time to paint.
X time for moving activities like biking, walking, running ect.
+20 minute bonus for each day without a soda-pop. This includes all sugary drinks.

Time that takes away from painting:
Every soda drank – 10 minutes
Every sugary snack -10 minutes
Really bad food item IE fried chicken, hot dogs, and anything else that falls into this category. -5 minutes.

I will record everything I eat for thirty days and get it initialed by my wife every day. That way I can maintain integrity.

Ultimate goal: Get the Tau painted

Loose 30-40 pounds

Once I loose 30-40 pounds I will be authorized to purchase my Tau orca drop ship!

Feel free to share this with friends and family to help in your weight loss goal! 

Bam! This is my goal once the Tau are Painted and I am near my goal of 30-40 pounds less!

Here's what I want to look like:

Yeeeeah sexy! lol.

Thank you everyone I will keep you updated on my Tau and how they are progressing! Here is what Ive done so far!

Thanks a million!

Thursday, January 3, 2013



I'm writing to talk about motivation. More specifically assembly and painting a project as huge as an IG army. A bit on planning as well. I have found since I have had my child no motivation to do anything but help kid, go to work and play Black Ops 2. I often find that I go through huge periods of no paint or assembly. Then other times I whip up stuff so fast I even surprise myself. So how do we keep engaged and motivated, interested if you will in completing hobby projects? Here are a few things I like to to do feel free to add to the list.

1. When I'm in a slump and I still feel the need to start up again I look to get motivated! What motivates me? Sometimes I scower the pages of WD or the Internet looking for something similar to what I'm doing and get inspired. Maybe I watch Starship Troopers, Dune or Apocalypse Now. Just to name a few. Maybe ill get into a 40k novel? Maybe my wife just seggest..."why don't you finish something today?" There are many things you can do to find your inspiration. For me a upcoming tournament usually gets my gears going to paint and convert. If all else fails pull a NIKE and just do it!

2. Where do you start? So you've bought 2000 points of guard! Holy Carp where do I start?! I like to start with an HQ and two troop choices. Build up to a legal list. I like to set an overall goal of how I want the army to look. In my army i want allot of infantry and tanks! So this is where the plan part comes in. More on that later.

3. What color scheme do I run? I find that on some projects I just cant nail a scheme. This time I decided to run with Cadia. I like the fluff (a kitten was just murdered) and I like the color scheme.

4. Planning! Have a plan. Set long term goals! For instance, I would like to have an Apoc IG infantry company, a Leman Russ company and one or two Baneblades. This will give me a great Apoc type army and keep with what I feel my army should look like. Notice I said look not what Internet list tell me I should run. Yes there are things you prolly shouldn't take but who cares. If you want conscripts, and I do, take them.

5. Theme it! Theme it! Theme it! For me its the 13th Cadian regiment (motto: The lucky Bastards) on some planet during winter fighting against a massive orc invasion! Yes I have Orks and will blog them here to. I will paint the bases alike and theme all my bases around a lightly snowed ground with tufts of dead grass and other bits lying about. Its basically a double theme. Orks vs Guards in a fight to the bitter end! Even Cadians can have a theme. Base work, unit naming and back story!  Ill write that soon! These things can make it fun to keep going.

6. Plan some more. Short term goals should be reasonable. Those of us that have kids and the like will know its hard to find time. It is there and the support of your family is critical. Earn your time here. Play with your kids, instruct them in things. Love your wife and take her on dates. These things will earn you "time to play with plastic doodsmen".
Lets say .....this week ill assemble X regiments or vehicles and get them prepped and maybe base coated. Then Ill do one ten man squad a week or a vehicle.

7. Streamline your painting. If its taking you a week to paint one dood, that's too long. At least for me. So I have developed a method for getting the PBI (poor bloody infantry) done quickly. Get them battle ready! A basic scheme with 5-6 colors and a wash can get you on the table quick! More on that in a future article!

8. Also try centering your army around a piece of special terrain like for me is the Wall Of Martrys set.

9. Use a reward system when painting. For instance when I paint both of my platoons I'll do some vehicles! 

10. This is important! If you want to finish painting some time this millennium stop trying to paint like the White Dwarf. Its hard if you strive to excel at painting I know. But sometimes its not worth the stress. Use the three foot rule: If it looks great at three feet from the table its a good paint job!

Well that's all I have for now. I hope this help some of you. It certainly helps that I write this out! Thank you and Happy New Year!

A Chinese man says....a little every day makes allot tomorrow. I keep forgetting t