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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Some progress on my Mordians....

Ok, so a bit of a busy week work wise but I got 95% of my E-bay purchases in hand. Including a pretty decent sized army for a really good price! I have had the miniatures in simple green for over 24hr and I will do more scrubbing. I hate the smell of this stuff its nauseating. Anyhow I have over a hundred figs. I am also stripping a Leman Russ Annihilator which is mostly made of plastic and that will have to be soaked for a long time.

I have also been working on my command section. Creed has been chopped and GS's on the shoulder boards. I need a dwarf pipe from the fantasy line to put in his right hand instead of the cigar.

Here is my medic the floating skull is carrying blood plasma it'll have a tube running to the little gadget the guard is holding.
The next one was a simple conversion. Master vox.

This next one I'm really proud of. It is an old RT IG and I put new arms he will getting shoulder boards as well. and Ill do up some free hand and transfers on the army standard!

                                      "C'MON YOU APES WANT TOO LIVE FOREVER!"


  1. Also, judging by at your profile pic I'm guessing that you kicked in for the Mars Attacks game? :D Me too!

  2. I started too. But I'm going to be tight on funds when it ends. It looks fantastic.

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