Infantry Paint Countdown A.K.A..... I.P.C.....170!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Ok its late and we have been busy with children. I managed to paint up some mortar teams today. NO pics, sorry. All that is left to do is put on the squad transfer sheet stickers. They are small a require twezzers and an exacto blade to get right. It also requires stuff called micro sol or micro set. Ill explain what these do in my next update. Also in the future I will got through my step by step process of painting and basing up my guard. Thank you for watching!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

OK! little but of an update. Family and gaming life. My friend Wayne and I played a four way Fantasy battle Monday. Great time. I really like playing my savage orcs. I failed allot of animosity though but I was still in a position and wanting to charge so it was great.

Tues brought allot of building my guard force. As musch as I could stand before baby came. But, Wed Nov 14th Marilyn Grace Wilkinson was born 8:24 pm 7.1 lbs/ounces. I am now a father. Gosh I lover her so much.My greatest creation ever.

Shes so cute!

Anyways I got three squads of guards done, one command squad and three mortar teams assembled. One squad is nearly finished painting. I did some light conversion work on a FW guard commander just a head swap is all. TTFFN!

OH and a Aeigis line with quad cannon!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

OK im still experimenting with the camera. Here is the conversion im using for Marbo. I know he has a grenade launcher but i like the mini. he is good enough. I still have base work to do but that is easy enough.


Hang! .....FIRE!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Cadian 13th "The Lucky Bastards"

Good evening,

So I have started my guard project. Normally I wouldnt be able to plunk down $600 in cash for an army so I did some trades and some selling and I got what I needed tofund the start of my foot horde.
I got the following:
x2 IG battalion box sets
x3 IG squad boxes
x1 Creed special character
x1 command squad box
x2 heavy weapons box sets
x1 Manticore/ deathstrike missle carrier.
x2 Leman Russ

Hope fully, with this, it comes to about 2000 points. I have a chimera and a converted psyker battle squad I can use as well.

I would like to get, in the future, 2-3 commisars and a vendetta / valk. 
At the moment I have one command squad done fully painted and two squad and one leman russ assembled. Creed will need to be painted to complete the command squad. So my hope for this blog is that I can illustrate how to focus fire on a project, manage family and some hobby time. I will also start to blog my commish work. If your interested drop me an email i'd be happy to talk with ya.
Ill have pics up Thursday barring my baby being born! Thank you for reading!

Here are a few of my savage orcs. I love these guys!

Happy election day. Going to post a my Grey Knights army I recently sold on Ebay. Hope you like them.

Monday, November 5, 2012


My name is Matt and I have been gaming and painting for about 20 years. These games range from Warhammer Fantasy, 40K, Chronopia, Warzone, epic scale etc etc. The list goes on. I have collected and painted many many armies in that time. I have always worked hard to learn what I can about painting but still have much to learn. It seems I'd spend gobs of money on a golden project that caught my eye and got to about 80% or less painted then quit or sold the army.

Now that I have a family and a baby on the way, budget is way tight and time is down. So as fathers or mothers that love to model and paint how do we balance the equation of time and money. Well I'm definitely in the budget on money but with family time and work there is little time to complete projects. Do you sacrifice quality to have allot painted? Do you break it up in bits and do a little at a time? If your like me you like to paint everything to the best of your abilities. Every model must be unique and look great on the battlefield. But for me that took time. To much time. And like a fat kid at a buffet I consumed more miniatures than I could ever hope to paint.

So the other night I took my kids and wife out for Chinese food (no not a buffet lol). A fortune cookie said this, " A little every often makes for allot later."

This really struck me for the answer I needed! Could I simplify my paint and converting to get things done at an even pace? I think the answer is yes. In this blog I will post my current Imperial Guard project and few others that I have in the pot. I will also showcase my paint commissions as well. After all I am going for battle ready miniatures right? I think I can make this happen. In this blog I will take a journey, a journey into a realm of painting within my abilities and time. To say, hey, that's OK its not Eavymetal quality. Thank you for reading ill have pics up soon!