Infantry Paint Countdown A.K.A..... I.P.C.....170!

Friday, August 9, 2013

OK folks its time I posted its been along time. So much has happened since my last entry but i'm back. I have sold off every army and have purchased Tau! OMG NOOOO! I am motivated to finish them up and I have a scheme that I love doing and I'm very excited about this project. Also I am motivated to get fit! So I'm tying the two of them together! Here's what I'm doing:

Tau Orca Challenge!   And  Workout Goals

I like to paint and model. I am fat and need to loose 30-40 pounds. So the idea here is that I earn modeling time by exercising. I earn x amount of time for workouts and activity that gets me moving. For example I get 20 minutes of paint time if I workout for 20mins. I get deducted time for soda pops and other sugary stuff. The goals and or limits are stated in the columns.

Time that adds:
X time for workouts. For every minute I work out I get X time to paint.
X time for moving activities like biking, walking, running ect.
+20 minute bonus for each day without a soda-pop. This includes all sugary drinks.

Time that takes away from painting:
Every soda drank – 10 minutes
Every sugary snack -10 minutes
Really bad food item IE fried chicken, hot dogs, and anything else that falls into this category. -5 minutes.

I will record everything I eat for thirty days and get it initialed by my wife every day. That way I can maintain integrity.

Ultimate goal: Get the Tau painted

Loose 30-40 pounds

Once I loose 30-40 pounds I will be authorized to purchase my Tau orca drop ship!

Feel free to share this with friends and family to help in your weight loss goal! 

Bam! This is my goal once the Tau are Painted and I am near my goal of 30-40 pounds less!

Here's what I want to look like:

Yeeeeah sexy! lol.

Thank you everyone I will keep you updated on my Tau and how they are progressing! Here is what Ive done so far!

Thanks a million!